About me

I am a humanitarian aid worker with over 25 years of field assignments and HQ experiences with UN and NGOs. I am a passionate photographer that document small and big events in and around my life.

Born in Braunschweig, Germany, 1969
Lives Geneva/Switzerland


1992 – 95 University of Visual Design; Dortmund, Germany Major in Photo-Design

Solo Exhibitions

2005 ‚my private bosnia‘ (Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina)
2005 ‚Don’t adjust your head‘ (Kirchentag, Hannover, Germany)
2004 ‚aboutmeandkuwait‘ (private show, Kuwait City)
2004 Don’t adjust your head‘ (Germany/Kuwait City)
2003 ‚annex to bosnia‘ (Galery of the city of Herat, Afghanistan)
2001 ‚Scouts‘ (Kirchentag, Frankfurt/Germany)
1995 – 96 ‚my private bosnia‘ (City Art gallery, Sarajevo (Bosnia)/Germany)
1995 ‚Life in war‘ (various locations, Germany)

Group Exhibitions

2006 Eastern Expressway (Ev.Stadtakademie, Frankfurt, Germany)
2005 LAND (Honigfrabik, Frankfurt, Germany)
1995 ‚Pool behind the garden‘ (Herten Fototage, Germany)
1993 ‚Russia your children‘ ( Gallery Eckstein, Frankfurt, Germany)

Film projects

2005 Short clip, ‚Don’t adjust your head‘, screened at LAND (Germany)

Publications (Calendars)

2007-2015 TWOSIZE Calendar 2007 to 2015
2006 ‘While, I am here”
2005 ‚Silent harmony in heaven‘
2003 ‚away in the world‘
2000 ‚Behind the days‘
1998 ‚There’s still a trace‘
1997 ‚During this time‘